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Every one of us can and should know the facts about animal agriculture, to see through the smoke-and-mirrors of corporate marketing that tells us farmed animals are means to human ends, to go vegan, and to directly help non-human animals in need.

Exploitation is inherent in any and every instance that humans use non-humans for their own ends–whether it is for agriculture, for medical testing, for clothing or personal care products, or for entertainment. For agriculture in particular, this inescapable abuse is true at all scales: in industrial “factory farming” and in so-called “humane” farming, including backyard chicken-keeping.

Learn more about the facts of animal exploitation in agriculture.

Preventing and ending exploitation is only possible through the adoption of a vegan diet. Unless we draw a line in the sand, simultaneously ending our personal role in this exploitation and speaking out about the need for others to change, we remain part of and complicit in the system of suffering that is animal agriculture.

Fortunately, there are many ways to do this …

Learn about going vegan.

Learn about creating your own microsanctuary.

Learn about becoming a vegan with chickens.

We also have lots of helpful books on veganism and vegan food, animal care, gardening, and more that you can borrow … check out our Little Green Lending Library!


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