Month: April 2015

Triangle Chance for All’s MATCHED Medical Crowdfunder!

** Triangle Chance for All is thrilled to announce our $5,000 medical crowdfunding campaign — with a matching grant from A Well-Fed World! **

Orion 2

In the past year of operations, we have spent almost $7,000 on medical care–ranging from surgeries for bumblefoot and broken beaks, to vaccinations and health exams, to prescriptions for infections. This medical bill accounts for nearly half of our total expenses over the past year…

We are asking for your help to raise $5,000 for Guinevere’s Fund, our medical fund named in honor of a beloved young hen who died shortly after arriving at TCA from traumas sustained before she joined our flock.

All donations for this campaign will be matched thanks to a generous grant from A Well-Fed World! With your help and this matching grant, we will be well-prepared to provide the same level of medical care for the coming year to all of our residents. Plus we will be better able to take in new residents and focus especially on rescue-and-placement as a way to get more individuals off of the agricultural assembly line.

Learn more and donate at between today and June 2nd!


“What do you do with the eggs?”

In case you might have missed it, we feed all of the eggs laid here at Triangle Chance for All–by the chickens and by Nemea the duck–back to the birds.


Typically we collect the eggs, boil them, mash them up with healthy extras like coconut oil, red raspberry leaf, and ground flax seed, and we make bedtime snacks for everyone with the eggs and fresh greens and fruit (sometimes we just break them on the ground, raw). Everyone has come to expect their evening treat plate…and they let you know if you are late!

By feeding the eggs back to the birds who laid them, we hope in part to return some of the vital nutrients that were pulled from their bodies to make the eggs…almost every day…and thus hopefully avoid some of the devastating health problems that most domesticated egg-layers face. And, of course, the birds LOVE to eat their eggs.

Clementine and Amandine enjoy their favorite treat: one of their eggs!

Clementine and Amandine enjoy their favorite treat: one of their eggs!

Along with that, we recognize that providing sanctuary to our residents means not using them or what they produce. This is a core principle of ethical veganism. Their eggs are not ours to steal, and we could never justify supporting or normalizing egg consumption by humans in any way. To do otherwise would be to place them in the same position as where we rescued them from, and that is not what sanctuary is about.