Update on Henrietta: Post-Surgery

Henrietta made it through surgery on her front left leg on Monday, April 11, and the entire mass was removed from her left leg! She is now resting comfortably with a cast.

Henrietta seems to have some trouble with anesthesia, so after consulting with Dr. Mozzachio, we decided it best to forego the spay surgery. We did not, and do not, want to put Henrietta under anesthesia any more than we have to, and the primary health concern for her has been the mass on her leg.

We heard from NC State and our vet that Henrietta has been eating and drinking well, and is mostly taking it easy. They noticed signs of discomfort, though, so she will be getting more/new pain medications to help reduce any pain she may still be feeling after the surgery.

She is so much stronger, more confident, and happier than two-plus months ago when we picked her up from the shelter. Now, as we focus on post-operative healing, our focus will be on helping her get well again.
Thank you to everyone who has sent her well wishes and support. Henrietta shows us all how deserving every being is of care, respect, and a chance at life.

Contribute to Henrietta’s ongoing care!


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