Triangle Chicken Advocates’ mission is to rescue and provide sanctuary to chickens, educate the public about farmed animals in order to end their exploitation, and promote veganism and collective liberation for all beings.

TCA believes that ALL non-human animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. Much of society and the legal system differentiate cats, dogs, and other “pets” from farmed animals, making it acceptable to exploit and kill the latter.

TCA, however, upholds the principles of ethical veganism and works to insure that chickens and other animals who are rescued from exploitation will never be used for food, fiber, or other purposes again.

We focus on chickens for our rescue efforts, as well as for education. We are one of the few rescues and sanctuaries caring for roosters, including dumped backyard roosters and former fighters, as well as flesh-breed rescues and former “breeder” birds. We represent every resident as an individual and share their stories to shine a light into the harms of all forms of exploitation–be it eggs, flesh, fighting, or breeding.

Triangle Chicken Advocates is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the Internal Revenue Service.  Consult your tax professional to see if your contribution is deductible for federal income tax purposes.