Diary of a Mother Hen – Day 2


Sunday, April 20th

I woke up in the middle of the night worried that it might be too cold in the house for Harumi and Kotori. Though I had made a nest of soft blankets for them, I still felt concerned enough to get up to turn up the heat.

When I got back to bed, I experienced what I call “brain spin” as my mind raced from thought to thought.

I thought about how very sad it is that there are so many farmed animals without mothers, and though I am doing my best, I am a poor excuse for a mother hen. Harumi and Kotori are doing just fine, but arriving in a cardboard box to someone’s door is no way to start a life.

It is hard to even imagine the life their mothers have been forced to lead all for the hubris of humans.

I started my yogic breathing to slow my mind down, and drifted off to sleep again. I know full well that I will wake another night with horrid thoughts of what so many do to other beings they consider lesser than themselves.

– Linda Nelson


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