Diary of a Mother Hen – Day 4

Kotori (top) and Harumi (bottom).

I am like any other new parent in thinking that Harumi and Kotori are the most beautiful beings in the world! I wonder just how many photos I can post before people grow tired and turn away because, unlike the photos I took of our human son and our family of cats, there is more at stake than a mother’s pride as I snap away on my camera.

I have a window of opportunity with these enchanting little birds that wasn’t needed with my son or our cats. People don’t eat human little boys, and many agree that cats should be part of the family.

This is not the case with chickens.

I want to convey to people just how interesting and unique Kotori and Harumi are and how very worthy they are of being alive and well. I want to convince people that they are not and should never be egg producers or Sunday dinner, nor should any of their species.

I want everyone to know that they both start to peep madly when I walk in the room. Everyone should know that their flying skills have improved so much in a day that they are resting on my shoulders instead of my lap now. I want them to melt as I do when Harumi tilts her little head and trills to my trill. I want people to take in the gentle way Kotori pushes her head into my hand before she falls asleep.

I’m not in a race to spare Harumi and Kotori’s lives. They have sanctuary with Triangle Chance for All for the rest of their lives, but I want others to think of these sweet young hens before they place the body of another in a frying pan or steal another’s eggs.

The lives of Harumi and Kotori matter so much to me, and by extension, so do the lives of every other chicken and all other animals. Their lives belong to them, their lives matter, and their suffering and deaths are always a tragedy.

And, now I have young ones to hold.

– Linda Nelson


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