Diary of a Mother Hen – Day 12










As any new parent will tell you, there is a steep learning curve when new family members enter the house. This is certainly as true for Alan and me now that we’re caring for young chickens as it was when we brought our baby boy or our rescued kittens home.

We’re still learning, but there are some things that are pretty clear.

Harumi and Kotori love each other beyond all else. They are fond of me because I bring food and because I know just where to scratch their heads.

Both girls enjoy being up high (hey, one thing we’re not sure about is that Harumi is a girl!), and Harumi is better at hopping, flapping, and otherwise getting up than Kotori.

Kotori moves like a ballerina!

Kotori is wonderfully systematic and neat when she eats. She will eat a row of millet with such precision that I imagine the ding of an old fashioned typewriter at the end (I hope someone over the age of 50 is reading this!).

Harumi is a messy eater!

They both enjoy pooping in their water dispenser immediately after I clean it. I clean it about six times a day.

They both enjoy pooping in their food dishes immediately after I clean them. I just picked up more dishes at the thrift store so I can offer a clean dish right away.

They love chickweed, kale, millet, sesame seeds, and oats. They really don’t like bananas or red lentil mash.

I’ll figure out more as we continue to care for them, but I know for certain that caring for them has been one of the greatest honors and pleasures of my life. They are just that perfect!


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