Diary of a Mother Hen – Day 17

I had blotted from memory the frenzied scene from childhood of my five brothers devouring watermelon on a summer day out in the backyard. Watching them was not for the faint of heart as juice flowed down their shirtfronts and seeds flew everywhere like so many ricocheting bullets.

I don’t like watermelon.

I revisited those long gone days of summer when I purchased watermelon for the first time in my adult life in order to offer it to Harumi and Kotori.

They do like watermelon. In fact, they love it, and they ate the slice I had given them in time worthy of the record books.

They were none too dainty about it either, and bonds of sisterhood flew right out the window as they pulled, tugged, yanked, and squawked for more. I thought they might get hurt!

I was tempted to repeat my mother’s mantra heard constantly when she was busy raising eight kids: “You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!”

– Linda Nelson

– Linda Nelson


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