The Chicken in the Mirror

She never knew her mother. She hasn’t had a flock. She is afraid of other chickens, and isn’t always certain of our good intentions, but we’re trying hard to ease Nutmeg into her new life at Triangle Chance for All. So much has been taken from her and all other rescued animals in our care that providing a high quality of life is our highest priority, and we must recognize and accommodate the individual needs and desires of each.

Nutmeg is spending her quarantine time at the home of board members, Alan Nelson and Linda Rapp Nelson where they are pulling out all the stops to put her at ease.

Alan remembered how much his family’s parakeets had enjoyed access to a mirror. Though they were never caged against their will, they had access to a cage full of toys and mirrors, and they would often spend hours singing, talking, and feeding their friend in the mirror. It was worth a try to see if this would be a source of comfort and enrichment for Nutmeg.

She likes who she sees! When she first saw her face, she just stared, but before too long, she began to softly vocalize. She looked over the top, and on either side to find the new chicken. Though she had been picked on by more dominant Coriander and Beatrice, this hen is as gentle as Nutmeg! She settled down, and accepted stroking with more ease than before.

It can’t make up for all she has lost, but it might prove helpful to Nutmeg in creating a new and happy life as an honored member of our TCA family.


One comment

  1. We once had a chicken who did that. She was sick so we kept her inside and when we would come home form going somewhere, she’d be looking in a mirror!!! 🙂 they are so cute!

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