Plant Profile: Pavement Rose

Pavement Rose

Today’s plant profile features a unique variety of rose, the PAVEMENT ROSE. We discovered pavement roses at our beloved place for all things edible plants, Edible Landscaping in Afton, Virginia.

Pavement Roses are one of the hardiest varieties of roses and have natural immunity to black spots and other diseases. We have also found them to be less susceptible to insects like Japanese Beetles than other, more common varieties of roses.

While there are several types of Pavement Roses available, we have Snow here at the Microsanctuary. They produce a remarkably steady supply of fragrant, pink flowers that (unless nibbled off by deer first) turn into large (up to 1″ in diameter) hips that start off orange but get slightly red in the fall.

Along with being beautiful, the petals of Pavement Roses (and other varieties) are useful fresh or dried. They can be added to teas, used as a garnish in salads or desserts, and infused in water, oil, or vinegar.

Rose hips are very nutritious, being particularly high in vitamin C (though be sure to eat them soon after picking to get the most of the vitamin C). The hips can be made into jam, puree, and tea, among other uses, and they have traditionally been used to treat stomach disorders when taken medicinally.

Check out these fun recipes for using roses!

* Rose water:

* Rose hip tea:

* Rose hip jam:


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