Small Acts of Kindness

Asking for support is not always easy. Often it seems that people expect that only large contributions are acceptable and appreciated.

Our Pig Rescue crowdfunding campaign has made great progress thanks to some generous donations, but we still have over $1,200 to go to hit our $3,000 goal. We can get there through the collaboration of a caring community all around the world.

This post will, we hope, reach a few hundred people or more through the web that is Facebook. If only **250** people who see this felt moved enough to contribute just $5 to our pig campaign, we would be at our goal!

And the best part of collaboration is that a small act of kindness has big, long-lasting results. Help us bring joy and love to the lives of two pigs, so they may be as happy as Lola with her bananas.

Thank you for all of your kind support.


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