Guinevere: Ups and Downs…and Ups

I woke at 4am feeling both dread and determination at the possibility that I’d need to gently guide a feeding tube down Guinevere’s throat to provide her with the nourishment she needs to heal.

A trip to the vet’s last night (Dr. Burkett, Rebecca, the vet tech, and Michael at the front desk all stayed long beyond closing time to help Guin and to advise us on her care; such caring people!) revealed that our little hen had lost an alarming amount of weight very quickly, so tube feeding seemed imperative.

Guinny had other ideas, and she ate! We’re hoping the universe is kind to us and this very sweet and fragile girl for the rest of the day.

She is resting now. Sleep deep and long, and get well, Guinevere. Know that you’re loved.

– Linda Nelson


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