TCA for the Holidays!

The holidays can be a stressful time with all the giving and getting of gifts for your loved ones. But when you do your holiday shopping with Triangle Chance for All, you not only give some great gifts; you also help support our organization and our Microsanctuary residents! Here are some suggestions to guide you in your holiday gifting!

Gifts for others…

  • Microsanctuary Memberships: Give the gift of a membership in our TCA family! An individual membership is just $30 a year, and every memberships comes with an awesome TCA bumper magnet!
  • Resident Sponsorships: Help with the food and medical care for one of our TCA residents by gifting a resident sponsorship! Your giftee will receive a sponsorship package and public recognition for being a sponsor. You can choose a chicken or duck for $10/month or a pig for $35/month.
  • Merchandise: We have beautiful, ethically sourced T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, kids’ shirts, and even hoodies in a variety of styles, most of which feature our TCA logo!
  • Photos: Matted photos of some of our residents are available for $15 (plus shipping). Contact us for more details!

Gifts for the Microsanctuary…

  • Wish List: Along with the above suggestions, you can purchase items for our Microsanctuary through our wish list! It includes everything from food, to medical supplies, to cleaning items, and more!
  • Food Expense Donations:
    • A $10 donation will help to pay for produce for the chickens and duck for a week. Just put in a note for “produce.”
    • You can make a $35 donation and help us buy a bag of chicken food, which will keep our chicken residents full for about a week, or two bags of pig food, which will feed Mott and Cordelia for about a month.  Just put in a note for “chicken food” or “pig food.”
    • A $50 donation will help us buy scratch grain ingredients, which are crucial to help keep the chickens warm and nourished during these winter months. Just put in a note for “scratch grains.”
  • Straw Bales: You can make a $15 donation to pay for two bales of straw, which help keep the chicken houses warm and the yard dry. Straw bales also come with the added bonus of hidden wheat berries, and they make great toys for chickens and pigs alike! Just put in a note for “straw bales.”
  • Towels and Blankets: If you are in our area, you can donate gently used towels and blankets for the residents!

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