The Rooster Flock


When we started our Microsanctuary back in February of 2014, we quickly realized just how dire the situation is for roosters. We took in two roosters, Orion and Hikaru, in March and have been working since then to help as many as we can realistically accommodate.

A few other sanctuaries around the country have not only taken in multiple roosters, but have also done some amazing work with rehabilitation and integration of roosters, including Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost, Veganism is the Next Evolution (VINE),Chicken Run Rescue, Hen Harbor, and others.

We currently have eight rooster residents (along with 16 hens), and a top priority of ours is creating a rooster-only flock to help us provide a high quality of life for our rooster residents while using our space as best we can. Most of us have been conditioned to see roosters as aggressive, dangerous, and for people who eat eggs basically “useless.” That is why most male chicks are killed at birth in hatcheries, which supply both “factory” farms and backyard chicken-keepers alike, and why those who do make it out alive often end up at shelters or are killed.

In reality, roosters are amazing beings. With great loyalty and bravery, they defend their hens, find food for their hens, and watch over dynamics of the flock. Their characteristic crows are all unique and, of course, impressive.

This picture shows Rosemary during the delicate process of integrating a new member into the rooster flock. The rooster in the foreground is actually Hikaru, mentioned above. During his convalescence indoors after foot surgery, Hikaru began to bond with some of the other roosters in our rooster-only flock. He will be joining Tolstoy, Autumn, and Salem in what is quickly becoming a tightly-knit flock of its own.

While we care for them out of love, we also provide for them out of necessity. Please consider Hikaru, Tolstoy, Autumn, and Salem, as well as our other rooster residents and of course the hens, whenever you think about eating eggs.

There is no ethical egg. Choose vegan instead.

– Justin Van Kleeck


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