Reflections on 2015…and Looking Ahead!

As 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year at the Triangle Chance for All Microsanctuary…and look forward to some important updates for 2016.
First, we want to thank all of our sponsors, members, and other supporters for making it possible to give the best possible care to our residents and rescues. Medical care was our biggest expense in 2015, and your support was integral in allowing us to never compromise on the care every individual received. Your donations, especially sponsorships, also helped us keep everyone well fed with high-quality food..and LOTS of treats.
Although TCA operates a microsanctuary that has limitations on space, we have been working very hard in 2015 to help as many animals find good homes as possible. In the past year, we have directly rescued or helped with the rescue of nearly SEVENTY (70) individuals–mostly chickens, but other species as well. Every rescue and placement meant one more individual taken out of the “food chain.” We have been so humbled and honored to do these rescues, even if we were not able to make each one a permanent resident.
Looking forward to 2016, we have some important changes in our visitation & volunteer policies to announce. The health of our residents is ALWAYS our top priority, and to this effect we have been closed to outside visitors for the Fall and Winter due to the risks of avian influenza in our area. We will be reopening for volunteering and visits on Saturday, April 16th.
Please note that all visits are by appointment only, and will be limited to groups of no more than three at a time. We are also not able to allow visitors who currently live with chickens, due to biosecurity risks from other flocks. If you have visited another sanctuary, farm, or other location with chickens, we ask that you wait for another day to visit TCA. We can be contacted at for inquiries about visitations and volunteering. Also visit for further information.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped make TCA an impactful organization, in so many ways. If you would like to make a year-end donation to contribute to our efforts, please visit
Best wishes to everyone for a happy, compassionate, VEGAN new year!



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