Helen the Broiler Hen


Helen the broiler hen was found by two compassionate vegans alongside a rural road. She and two other young hens had fallen off of a transport truck en route to slaughter.

Her two companions died, but Helen survived with serious injuries, including a bad laceration on her neck, a broken wing, and other wounds.

We rushed to pick her up and take her to our avian vet, where we began her medical care as quickly as possible.

Helen has undergone about three and a half hours of surgery to suture her neck laceration and set her severely fractured wing with pins. Despite all that she has been through, her heart stayed strong throughout and she is stable. We brought her home to monitor and administer pain meds and antibiotics.

Her blood work looked a little better than we expected, and the vet felt strongly (as did we) that after all she had been through, Helen deserved a fighting chance to get better. She has a long road ahead, including another surgery to address her fractured leg, but she has made it through an important first step.

Helen is one tough hen, and we are working closely with our vet to give her the best care and quality of life possible. We are letting her rest with some supplemental heat and oxygen and do not want to bother her with photos right now. Thanks to everyone for your concern.

Please help us save the life of this beautiful, brave young bird. She has a chance at life that so few “meat” chickens receive:



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