Support Triangle Chance for All through Amazon Smile!

We are excited to announce yet another way that you can support Triangle Chance for All!

TCA is now registered with Amazon Smile, which means that a portion of every purchase you make when shopping on will go to support our microsanctuary residents!

Follow the link below to select Triangle Chance for All as your charity, and be sure to do all of your Amazon shopping through!

Triangle Chance For All Inc

Triangle Chance for All’s New Video!

Thanks to a generous grant from The Pollination Project, we recently completed a short video about Triangle Chance for All and our Microsanctuary! The shooting happened a few months ago, and we have been so busy since then that a number of things have developed, but the video provides an introduction to who we are and our efforts to help farmed animals while inspiring others to create microsanctuaries of their own.

Your support is crucial for the lifetime care of our microsanctuary residents. You can contribute to TCA, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, through resident sponsorships, general donations, and even donating wish list items. o to to find out how you can help!

Watch the video and share to help spread the word!

Small Acts of Kindness

Asking for support is not always easy. Often it seems that people expect that only large contributions are acceptable and appreciated.

Our Pig Rescue crowdfunding campaign has made great progress thanks to some generous donations, but we still have over $1,200 to go to hit our $3,000 goal. We can get there through the collaboration of a caring community all around the world.

This post will, we hope, reach a few hundred people or more through the web that is Facebook. If only **250** people who see this felt moved enough to contribute just $5 to our pig campaign, we would be at our goal!

And the best part of collaboration is that a small act of kindness has big, long-lasting results. Help us bring joy and love to the lives of two pigs, so they may be as happy as Lola with her bananas.

Thank you for all of your kind support.


Help Triangle Chance for All Rescue Pigs!

Grassy Lola

Triangle Chance for All is gearing up to diversify our Microsanctuary’s resident population! We fell in love with Lola the pig during our foster period after we rescued her back in March. We were not ready then to keep her as a permanent resident here, and since the day we dropped her off at her new sanctuary home, we have seen other potbelly pigs in need of rescue but have had to say, “No.”

Now we want to say, “Yes!”

Today we are launching a crowdfunding campaign for 60 days to raise $3,000. With these funds, we will be able to rescue two potbelly pigs in the coming months and provide them lifetime medical and other regular care here at the TCA Microsanctuary.

We value your support in donating, sharing, and inviting your friends to participate in our crowdfunding campaign! We are also offering a series of thank you gifts for different donation amounts.

Visit our crowdfunding page to find out more and chip in!

A Chance for Four More

When Board member and Treasurer Linda James came across four young chickens–two hens and two roosters–at the Harnett County Animal Shelter, she acted quickly in an effort to save their lives. Although we already had four roosters at our Microsanctuary, we put our heads together and decided we could make it work. After all, our mission is to save lives, and we will do what we can for the well-being of animals.

Linda went to the shelter before it opened and waited in line, hopeful that no one else would try to adopt the chickens before she was able to rescue them. Everything worked out perfectly, and Triangle Chance for All welcomed the roosters Tolstoy and Da Vinci (whom we call “the Leos”) and the hens Trudy and Annabel into our family!

Annabel, Tolstoy, and Da Vinci.

Trudy is quite a character.

Da Vinci inspects the camera.

Annabel (front) and Trudy (back).

Da Vinci (front) and Tolstoy (back).

Grant Award for The Microsanctuary Movement

We are excited to announce that Triangle Chance for All founders Justin and Rosemary Van Kleeck have been awarded a grant from The Thinking Vegan (in collaboration with The Pollination Project) to build the microsanctuary idea into a movement: The Microsanctuary Movement.

Read more on The Thinking Vegan’s fantastic blog:

And join us on our new Facebook page, The Microsanctuary Movement!

Diary of a Mother Hen: Now that she has grown

Harumi laid her first egg today. When Rosemary called to tell me the news, I felt the same kind of jolt to the heart and sting to the eyes that I felt when my son’s voice cracked for the first time.

The passage of time takes our babies away, and I think it is a rare parent who is completely ready.

This isn’t merely a case of baby grows up though. I looked at her egg and held it in my hand, and knew that to so many it would not be good enough. A first laying marks the beginning of a hen’s profitability to those who would gain from what is not theirs, and they would find our beautiful Harumi’s egg inadequate. A person clamoring for a breakfast of sunny side up or scrambled would scoff at just how poorly this egg would feed their appetite.

They wouldn’t see Harumi. They wouldn’t see the little chick who had grown into her yellow-green feet. They wouldn’t wonder how Harumi experienced the laying of her first egg. They wouldn’t cradle her egg in their hands as I did while feeling it to be a precious part of someone I love.

They would likely dash it to the ground in disgust.

I dashed it to the ground myself, but my intent was so very different. I gave her back her egg so she could eat it as chickens like to do. We don’t need her to be “economically viable.” We don’t need her to produce anything for us. We only want a life of health and comfort for her.

We will not take. We will only give. You’re safe with us, Harumi.

– Linda Nelson

For Liberation…


While Triangle Chance for All works to rescue and care for individual farmed animals, we also are working for the ultimate goal of liberation.

Liberation for all animals, human and non-human: caring for those who are here and bringing no more into the world merely to live and die as objects.

As Martin Luther King Jr. once wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We recognize that all forms of oppression and exploitation must end if we are to achieve a society based on respect and compassion. Racism, sexism, homophobia, speciesism … we must fight against these and other harmful mindsets and institutions, in whatever form they take.

You, too, can join us in being a force for liberation. Start by going vegan today.

“I am not a part of your Machine” shirts available!


Triangle Chance for All is excited to announce a partnership with The Ghosts in Our Machine to bring you an exclusive shirt! Available in short and long sleeves, the shirt features the signature Ghosts cog by Michele Gorham, along with the text “I am not a part of your machine,” which is from TCA President Justin Van Kleeck’s poem “The Iowa Dirge.” The back features “For the ghosts” with a link to the film’s website.

The men’s T-shirts are available in organic cotton, sizes S-XL, and the women’s T-shirts are available in cotton, S-XL. The American Apparel long-sleeve shirts are available in S-XL. They are available from the TCA website, and 50% of proceeds go to benefit our rescue, sanctuary, and education efforts! Go to to order yours! (Shipping is available.)

We will take pre-orders until Sunday, June 15th; please order yours early to help us cover costs of the initial order!

ALSO, we would like to let everyone know that Triangle Chance for All will be presenting the North Carolina premiere of The Ghosts in Our Machine on Tuesday, September 16, 2014! The FREE screening will be part of Vegan Night Out, which will include special vegan dining options and the film screening in downtown Chapel Hill. Stay tuned for more details about the event, but mark your calendar now!

Please show your support for TCA and for the ghosts!