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Henrietta’s Story…


Henrietta the pig was being kept as a pet in North Carolina until a dog attacked her and chewed off both of her ears. After she was surrendered to a shelter, it became clear that she had other problems as well, including a large tumor on her front left leg that forces her to use three legs and that started bleeding after a few weeks at the shelter.

A compassionate animal control officer was looking after Henrietta, as we are calling her, and made sure that no one “adopted” her to slaughter her. But the shelter was unable to provide her with full medical care or indefinite housing…

Triangle Chance for All was contacted about Henrietta, and we have been busy ever since. We received word that her tumor had abscessed, which means she needed immediate vet care–which she could not receive from the shelter.


We coordinated with our pig vet to secure Henrietta boarding at the vet’s property and full medical care for her tumor. Henrietta is also unaltered, so she will need to be spayed if the health risks are not too great.

Henrietta was rescued from the shelter and transported to the vet’s on February 10, where initial examination suggested she had a bone tumor. Luckily, a CT Scan at NC State revealed the growth is actually bone proliferation resulting from an old fracture, which means the leg will not have to be amputated, but Henrietta will need to undergo surgery to remove the mass. She likely will never regain use of the leg, but at least the mass will be gone.

Along with the leg surgery, we will also be providing her with boarding, health checks, vaccines, spay surgery, and transport. Once a permanent home is secured, she will find a forever home that can give her the love and care she deserves.

Henrietta’s Freedom Ride from Justin Van Kleeck on Vimeo.

Please contribute to help in Henrietta’s extensive veterinary care and other related expenses. You can donate through our YouCaring crowdfunding campaign, or through our PayPal account