community supported baking

Community Supported … Baking?

Carob BrownieYou have probably heard about Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, which gives you the opportunity to pay upfront for a season’s worth of local foods, delivered weekly in the form of a box filled with whatever has been harvested that week on the farm…

Well, Triangle Chance for All is taking inspiration from the CSA model and offering you the chance to support our organization–and the farmed animals we rescue–by taking part in a regular subscription for delicious vegan baked goods!

We are developing a Community Supported Baking (CSB) program that will provide us with regular monthly funding while also supporting our community’s love of vegan treats. And all for a good cause!

The gist of the idea is that you would donate a set amount ahead of time and then pick up a box of various vegan treats worth that amount (or usually a little more!). But we need your input to help us get the baking started and get those boxes out! Please fill out the poll below to tell us what you think about the CSB for TCA:

1. How frequently would you like to donate to Triangle Chance for All and receive vegan baked goods? (You can check more than one.)

2. How much would you be willing to spend per delivery? (You can check more than one.)

3. Our plan was to have cupcakes available as a special order item but not part of the CSB. Would you still like to participate?

4. Which items would you like to have in your CSB box?

5. Which method of pickup could you do?

Thanks for your input!