Good Morning, Mott!

Mott--rescued from a shelter where he came in as a stray.

I went to let Mott outside after he spent his first night here at the Microsanctuary. Not surprisingly, he was up and waiting for me (though he crashed pretty hard last night and was sleeping soundly…and, we hope, peacefully).

As with human-human first meetings, the period of introductions and getting-to-know-you’s with new residents here is often a bit awkward, with shyness on both sides. Mott, who was described by the shelter as “shy,” is clearly uncertain about humans. We have no idea what his life was like before being picked up as a stray and staying at the shelter for days, so who knows why that is the case.

However (and this is often true as well), he is visibly interested in us; his tail wags frequently, and he frequently pauses to look up at us and take a few big sniffs of the air in our direction.

The promise of a new relationship, based entirely on respect and compassion, is always a wonderful perk to providing homes to rescued farmed animals here at the Microsanctuary.

Mott is enjoying his new surroundings so far, exploring the greenery he can nibble on and the many new smells. He is already very fond of the chickens–though they are not quite sure about him yet, though also curious. Meanwhile, we peer into his soulful, inquisitive eyes and ply him with treats, finding great peace in the knowledge that he has found sanctuary.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be free.

– Justin