Thanks, Nestor, and Farewell


Today we are traveling with Nestor, the blind baby goat whom we rescued from a small goat dairy farm, to his new forever home at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary.

We at Triangle Chance for All want to share our thanks with Nestor for helping us, and so many people, realize the power that one individual can have when given the chance. Nestor has become such a strong, outgoing, lively little guy, and he has such an amazing future ahead of him. It is remarkable to think how much he has changed in the last month that we have been fostering him; it is sad to think that he almost did not have the chance to do so, and that so many other individual farmed animals never will.

Thank you also to the many, many people who have followed and supported Nestor over the past few weeks. Your support made it possible for us to provide care, from day to day and in the medical emergency he faced.

The billions of farmed animals killed and exploited every year for human ends are all individuals, each as unique as our beloved blind baby goat. Nestor has helped bring that point home so clearly, and we wish that he might be an ambassador for the animals, bringing one revolutionary message: “Please go vegan.”

From all of us at TCA, thank you.