Plant Profile: Lavender

Triangle Chance for All loves plants, too! We will be featuring a number of our vegetative residents at the Microsanctuary to help inspire you to grow more of your own plant-based foods. Our first featured edible plant is LAVENDER.

Lavender is one of our favorite herbs to have around the yard and the house. Both its flowers and leaves can be used in cooking, and it has medicinal properties as well. It has traditionally been used to soothe the nervous and digestive systems, whether by consuming it, using it on the skin, or through aromatherapy (see more about its uses at

Lavender is also a beautiful plant that is relatively easy to grow in well-drained, sunny spots. It comes in a variety of types, each with its own different color, ranging from a deep dark purple to white! We have had good luck with it being deer resistant so far.

Here are a couple of fun ways to use lavender in your kitchen.

Lavender Lemonade:

Lady Grey Muffins:

How do you use lavender?


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