Plant Profile: Nasturtium

Our love for NASTURTIUMS runs deep here at Triangle Chance for All. A prolific vining plant, nasturtiums come in a range of warm flower colors, from red to orange to yellow.

Besides their beauty, nasturtiums are great plants to have around your garden. They are aphid magnets, attracting them away from your other plants that are susceptible to aphids (which is a useful way to approach insect control, rather than spraying toxic petro-chemicals around your yard).

The seeds, buds, flowers, and even leaves are edible. The flowers and buds are particularly tasty, adding an unusually (for flowers) powerful peppery punch to salads and other dishes.

Here is an easy salad & vinaigrette recipe you can make using the petals and flowers–along with other edible flowers like marigolds or geraniums:


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